Kale is full of GOODNESS with every gram counting towards a healthier physical and mental lifestyle.

Kale has MORE VITAMIN C than an orange helping boost and maintain your immune system. Vitamin C also helps with skincare keeping you glowing all year round. Think of it as a natural high visibility jacket you get to wear all the time.

Eating Kale has massive ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS, so it is arguable the page of the planet depends upon us all eating Kale. The fate of the planet is a pretty big deal but with every little bit of goodness included in our diet, we will eventually change the world.

Kale TOPS. the nutrient density scale compared to most other vegetables, always ensuring you get the most out of your daily nutrient intake per meal.

Per calorie Kale has MORE IRON THAN BEEF. Eating red meat isn't particularly good for your diet despite the Protein and Iron content. Beef may taste good but your body won't be any happier for consuming it over greater nutrient dens foods such as kale.

One serving of Kale has MORE ABSORBABLE CALCIUM than a small carton of milk. Thinking of going to the supermarket to buy several pints of milk to improve bone health? Buy a bag of Kale instead and receive the same benefits for a fraction of the price.

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