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I'm 23 Years Old and have worked in the food industry in Canada and London I have developed a passion for good food, especially Kale.


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I am 23 years old and just sick of everything. 


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I am 23 years old and just sick of everything. 

We want to spread our knowledge of healthy food, while informing people of how their decisions can make a real difference in the world. 

Karma Kale was started in 2017.

We believe that the nutritional benifits of kale along with our almagation of the best flavours from around the world make this news, worth spreading. 

With Origins in Cambridge, we three friends formed a unique was of thinking and repeparing food. Reguraly catering to social events amongst our friends in Cambridge, we soon realised

We first started preparing Kale in simple salad based forms  - We have since gone on to create and produce our very own Karma Caesar Sauce (100%) and  Karma Parmesan (100% Vegan). 

At Karma Kale we always locally source our Kale to bring the freshest and most environmentally and socially responsible meal your money can buy. 

Kale is an extremeley nutritional green.

High in Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

Find us at London's Food Festivals and Markets    


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