About us

Starting out in 2015 we experimented with cooking small dishes of intense nutritional value for an audience of our friends and family. A small quantity of superfood provided a consistent level of energy over a timeframe.  Less was more in terms of mood, productivity and the feel good factor.  This combined with global travelling researching world-wide nutritional values led to the birth of Karma Kale.

We realised that everyone was consuming with no thought for consumption and we noticed the strong correlation between people eating poor quality food resulting in a short-lived satisfaction, that soon dipped.  This high-low rhythm can only be avoided by eating good wholesome stabilising foods.  The low quality food available on the high street, coupled with the fast pace of modern life we all live in means that people are making choices with no time for thought. We want to show you there is another way. 



We are excited to be working with our goal and ethos:

Eat Good - Feel Good - Do Good


Our menu has been researched for nutritional and high energy sustainable value.  We hope to encourage people - by experience - to eat differently. We want to offer an alternative option, as well as a lifestyle that tastes good and truly make you feel better'. 

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